The Maestro Foundation's programs benefit young people and the community:

Instrument Lending Program, Endowment Fund, and Financing
Lending high-quality instruments to gifted young string players…

Maestro Chamber Music Society
Presenting world-class chamber music concerts in an intimate setting…

Instrument Lending Program, Endowment Fund, and Financing

Instrument Lending Program
The Maestro Foundation lends high quality stringed instruments and bows to gifted young musicians during the most critical stage in their professional development. Most of these students attend the finest music schools and conservatories but are unable to afford the tools necessary to facilitate their performance careers. In addition, it is rarely possible to master the essential nuance and refined techniques on student instruments.

Kellen M"I have been playing this viola for seven years now. It is the instrument I played in my Juilliard audition as a high school senior.
It has been under my chin at festivals and concerts in nearly a dozen countries. It has proved a constant companion in both success and setbacks, always elevating my hard work beyond what I was able to offer myself.
It is no exaggeration to say that I love this instrument, as it has become an extension of my art and of my self. It is a chapter of my personal history…that comprises many of the best and proudest [moments] of my life…This viola has changed my trajectory as an artist and as an individual."

Kellen McDaniel, viola
B.M., The Juilliard School
M.M., Royal Conservatory of The Hague

The Maestro Foundation lends over 80 violins, violas, cellos and bows, used in excess of 85,000 hours per year. This collection will sustain many generations of musicians. Maestro is committed to commissioning living makers whenever possible. New instruments rival and often exceed older instruments in sound and quality at a reduced cost.

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Instrument Endowment Fund
The Maestro Instrument Endowment Fund makes it possible for patrons of classical music to directly nurture and support emerging young artists. By endowing instruments and bows, donors help create a legacy that will endure for hundreds of years.

Our goal: To acquire at least one instrument annually for the Instrument Lending Program. With your help, we can do it! For more information, click here…

Maestro Instrument Financing Program
The Maestro Foundation offers financing and rental opportunities to encourage selected alumni of the Instrument Lending Program to purchase their own instruments. This program guides and supports young musicians as they transition into their careers.

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Maestro Chamber Music Society

The Maestro Chamber Music Society showcases the world’s finest musicians in intimate performances. Concerts are held in an acoustically exquisite private home, designed and ideally suited for this genre. The series aims to enhance public appreciation and support of classical music while providing a distinctive venue for performers. Click Here to Learn More...

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Photo Credits:
Yaegy Park: Jeong Park
Kenneth Renshaw: Carlin Ma
Colin Brookes: Nathan Poshadley
Coleman Itzkoff: Zenas Hsu